HOW TO: Wear Bold Lipstick

Don't let bold lip colors scare you. They can be as easy to wear as your favorite tshirt! The key is in how you apply the color. Read on for the the Beauty Braniacs' 5 simple steps for wearing bright, summer lipsticks.

1. For starters, if you're planning on wearing a bold lip, stick with a neutral eye look. A good tip for everyday makeup application is make the focus of your look either the lips or the eyes, but not both. RULE OF THUMB: Pair a bold lip look with natural eye makeup, and a bold eye look with a nude lip.

2. Start by exfoliating your lips with your toothbrush or an edible scrub made with a drop of honey and a pinch of sugar.

3. After exfoliating, apply a lip balm. Let it moisturize the lips for about a minute, then dab away any excess with a tissue. 

4. Using a sponge, brush, or your fingers apply a very light amount of foundation to the outside of your lips– slightly fading your natural lip line. Dab any excess with a tissue.

5. Apply a swipe of lipstick to your bottom lip, purse your lips together, then blend with your index finger to diffuse the bold color into your lip line. 

There you have it– an easy-to-wear bold lip look. The technique of blending the lipstick with your finger will fade the boldness of the color into a more wearable hue. When you get comfortable wearing the diffused color, skip the blending and try applying the lipstick directly to your upper and lower lips for an even bolder look. Get out of your comfort zone and pull out your summer pinks and corals, ladies! Anyone can pull off a bold lip with these easy steps.

xoxo The Beauty Brainiacs

Kate Bosworth in coral.


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