How Dermal Fillers Work

Dermal fillers are one of the most popular and effective solutions for aging skin problems. As we age, our face loses its natural fat pads and a substance in the skin known as hyaluronic acid (HA). This loss of “volume” changes the shape of the face and allows the skin to sag. With less underlying support, the lines and folds that occur with normal movement become deeper and more apparent. This process is affected by time, sun exposure, genetics, and other factors. Many people think surgery is the only option to correct the signs of aging and find the prospect of going under the knife quite scary.

As an alternative to surgery, dermal fillers, also known by names like “injectables”, “soft tissue fillers”, and “wrinkle fillers”, are an excellent nonsurgical way to rejuvenate the face at a fraction of the cost. Composed of HA in the form of a soft, clear gel, these amazing products can fill wrinkles, replace lost volume, and plump up the skin with natural looking and feeling results. They are versatile with many uses which include:

  • enhancing and defining cheekbones
  • lifting sagging skin
  • contouring and shaping the jaw line and other areas of the face
  • filling wrinkles, lines, creases, and hollow areas
  • filling dark, sunken areas below the eyes
  • giving lips more volume and shape
  • reducing scars and other skin imperfections

Advantages of dermal fillers go beyond cost savings and incredible results. They are injected in the office and don’t require anesthesia. The procedure is done without significant discomfort and usually takes just around 45 minutes. Afterwards the patient can return to normal activities with the gratification of seeing immediate correction of their problem.

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