How Botox Works

With movement of the facial muscles, we get “dynamic wrinkles” of the skin. Over time, as our skin loses elasticity, repetitive facial movement produces frown lines and furrows. These can turn into deep creases and unwanted signs of aging.

Think of Botox as a “neuromodulator”…or just a wrinkle eraser. Movement happens when our brain sends a nerve impulse to a muscle causing it to contract. Once injected into a specific facial muscle, Botox blocks the impulse that would normally tell it to contract stopping the muscle activity that produces wrinkles. This leads to smoothing of many common facial wrinkles and prevents those deep folds and creases from forming.

Botox smoothes away the unwanted frown lines and wrinkles that cause us to look tired, angry, or older than we feel. It can even be used to lift and shape the brow. The result is a refreshed, energetic, and more youthful appearance. Patients say they look relaxed, rejuvenated and even “happier” while still having plenty of facial expression.

The procedure is a simple, non-surgical injection that is usually done in less than thirty minutes with essentially no pain. Patients can return to normal activities immediately. Botox begins to work within a few days and improvements can continue for weeks after the treatment. Results can last up to four months or longer.

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