6 Secrets to Staying Young: Dr. Gill Reflects on His Birthday!

It's Dr. Gill's Birthday!


Dr. Gill is turning 60 – can you believe it?! We can't. He looks more like 40.

In honor of his birthday we thought we'd sit down with Dr. Gill and get him to divulge all his anti-aging secrets to making sure that special day every year is something to truly celebrate. So here goes . . .

Dr. Gill's Secrets to Aging Gracefully

1. Tretinoin

“This is hands down the number 1 reason my skin has aged so well. I've been using Tret every night for about 20 years. Tretinoin, and retinols, prevents fine lines from developing and keeps your skin tight. It's the easiest anti-aging measure you can take!”

2. Hair

“Everyone, especially men, looks younger with a full head of hair. One easy way to prevent hair loss is to take Propecia every day; I've been taking it for years. Even more exciting are the new techniques out now that allow us to regrow hair – something we've never been able to do in medicine. The pinnacle of hair regrowth is PRP. We extract platelet-rich plasma from your blood and inject it into your scalp. It's so rich with growth factors that it triggers new hair growth. It's amazing.”

3. Botox

“Botox is an obvious must for anyone concerned with maintaining a youthful appearance. It's simply the best thing we have for quickly taking fine lines and wrinkles off your face, especially in the forehead area. I only wish I had started earlier! Using it when you're young can prevent those wrinkles and deeper folds from ever forming in the first place.”

4. Filler

“It's a tragic reality that you lose volume in your face as your age. Luckily we can use filler to restore some of that volume, especially around the cheekbones. It really does wonders to lift the skin and maintain a youthful shape.”

5. Avoiding the Sun & Using Sunscreen

“I grew up near Gulf Shores and spent my weekends at the beach worshipping the sun. It really did a lot of damage to my skin by accelerating volume loss, deepening wrinkles, and causing pigmentation. We can treat a lot of those issue now, with laser for example, but the easiest thing is to just avoid the sun in the first place! I try hard to limit my sun exposure and am obsessive about sunscreen. I actually wear it every day because the small amount of sun exposure you get just walking to and from your car for example is responsible for most of the sun damage you experience.”

6. Diet & Exercise

“This is the last thing everyone wants to hear!” He laughs. “Exercise is important for anti-aging, and it's more important for your appearance than most people think. Sometimes it an feel like a chore, but it grows on you. I love my workouts; I even have a small gym at home that makes it easy to get a workout in when I'm busy. As far as diet goes, no I'm not just naturally thin. Although, wouldn't that be awesome! I'm careful about what I eat pretty much all the time, except for weekends, holidays, and vacations, of course. You have to live a little!”

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