Makeup for Mature Skin | Video Tutorial

Video Notes & Tips from Babette!

1. Priming around your eyes ensures that concealer and eyeshadow applied later go on smooth and don't crease. I use Glo Fill Perfecting Primer here on my eyelids and my under my eyes to hide the bags!

2. Then I primed the rest of my face, with a little extra attention paid to my t-zone. Primer helps your foundation stay put and look smoother, especially for mature skin that tends to gets crepey. I use Glo Mattifying Primer so my slightly oily t-zone stays matte through the day and I don't turn into an oil slick. If you normally have dry skin, use Glo Primer (Regular).

3. Next, apply Foundation! I love mixing Glo Luminous Liquid Porcelain and Satin Cream Foundation Beige Light so I get both the full coverage of the Satin Creme and the sheer coverage of Luminous, which has light diffusing technology that blurs lines and wrinkles. I apply a couple of drops of each to the back of my hand then blend them throughly as I apply to my face using the Glo Lux Foundation Brush. To finish, buff it with the brush using a firm circular motion until it appears soft and blended.

4.Fill and Shape your brows. Brows are the structure of your face . They define your eyes, lift your face and draw attention away from dark circles and bags – so make sure your eyebrows are defined! I start with Glow brow quad taupe and, using the darker shade, I define the head of the brow and the top of the arch down to the tail. The color should match the Darkest part of your hair.

5. LIGHTLY apply a touch of loose powder with the Glo Powder brush; I've found lighter is better for mature skin. I like Glo pressed powder Light Beige, it has more staying power. I lightly dust it over my T-zone and brows so they are softened. Very little to none on eye area. If your eyelids tend to get oily, you can dust then lightly.

6. I use the color Bubbly from Glo Elemental Eye Palette to matte the whole eye, lash to brow, creating a smooth base over which I can apply the rest of the shadow.

7. Contour your eye crease. I use the color Henna from the Glo Elemental Eye Palette, applied with the Glo Textured Eye brush. Blend it from outer corner of lash line into the crease to about a 1\3 to 1\2 across, making a C-shape. Be sure to blend well. The key to get mature eyes that are crepey looking good is very well blended MATTE eyeshadows. NO Frost or high shine.

8. Line your eyes. I use Glo Precision Eye Pencil Black. Start thin at the inner corner of your lashes (near your nose) and get thicker, angling up at the end of your eye to lift. I also go back and run the pencil underneath lashes to make sure there is dark all the way to the base so my eyes loose that rabbit pink eye look. To do that, pull up on the lid so to create a smooth surface and lift the edge.

9. Smudged your eye liner. I smudge with Glo mini crease brush using Glo Relic and Eclipse from Elemental Eye Palette. This helps the liner stay all day and softens hard lines.

10. Blend again! I use the color Bubbly from Glo Elemental Eye Palette to pass over my eye and blend everything.

11. Mascara, always. I use Glo Mascara Black to apply two coats to the top lashes only. Lift your eye by pulling up on lid and make sure you get mascara down at the base. I don't apply on bottom lashes on most mature makeup because it can draw attention to our dark circles under the eye.

13. Conceal, conceal, conceal. I use Glo liquid concealer, color Sunburst, all over the under eye bags and the color Brightening on the inner corner, dark indented circle and outer edge. Blend it with your finger by patting and a quick sweeping of the foundation brush you used earlier to blend.

14. Define your cheeks! Here I use Glo cream Blush, color First Love. Apply using a texture brush, starting back by your ear. Circle forward and up around hairline to define the face. I then set it with the Glo Powder Blush, color Flowerchild to keep me glowing all day!

15. Line you lips. I use the Glo Precision Liner in Vino. Start at each corner of your mouth, then keep right on the edge of your lip to get the fullest lip possible.

16. Lastly, apply your signature color! Mine is Rumor, in the Glo Suede Matte Crayon. Afterward go back over your lips with the pencil to make sure your lip line is perfect.

Now go have a great day feeling confident and beautiful!


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