Acne plagues men and women of all ages, skin types, and hormone levels.

The causes and the symptoms of acne are different for everyone, so the treatment should be unique to each person.

Whether you’re struggling with pimples, blackheads, bumps, redness, hormonal acne, or scarring, we’ll help you take control of your acne by assessing all variables (your age, skin type, lifestyle, and budget), then creating a custom treatment plan to clear up your skin.

The best treatment plans combine at home skin care with therapeutic services.

The tools and combinations needed to manage acne vary from person to person; below you can find a list of treatment options.

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Medical Grade, Acne Specific Skin Care

We carry two medical grade skin care lines for treating acne, Glymed and Dermesse.

Why is medical grade skin care important?

  • Medical grade skin care products have a higher potency, which means they have more of the active ingredients that fight acne, making them significantly more effective. Another way to understand medical grade is as “prescription strength”; you can only get products with this level of ingredient potency from physicians.
  • After acne has been treated, it’s essential to control the irritation in your skin or it will allow the acne to return, trapping you in an endless cycle. Medical grade products contain essential healing agents that soothe irritation and repair the skin, ending the inflammation cycle.

There are multiple products in each skin care line. We’ll help you diagnose your skin and prescribe the best combination products to treat your acne.

Treatment Options for Clearing Up Acne

Skin care is essential, but sometimes you need something more direct to get the ball rolling. These services all employ the same effects; to exfoliate by removing dead skin cells and oil from your skin, to extract build up within pores, and to open pores to oxygenate them.

Which one to use depends on your skin type and acne condition. But don’t worry, we’ll help you with that.

Chemical Peel

Possibly the most effective treatment, chemical peels chemically exfoliate your skin to remove layers of dead skin and open the skin to oxygen which kills acne forming p bacteria. Additionally, the acid in the chemical peels also kills p bacteria, doubling its effectiveness.

Acne Facial

A deep cleaning out of the skin that uses physical extraction to unclog pores. This opens your pores to oxygen, which kills p bacteria (acne causing bacteria) and creates an environment unsuitable for p bacteria to grow.

Acne facials will reduce existing acne bumps and prevent formation of future ones.


Physically abrates the surface of the skin to remove dead skin and open up pores to keep them from clogging. This treatment is better suited for maintenance. It’s also uniquely effective for treating milia or white bumps just below the surface of the skin.

Learn More About Microdermabrasion


Physically scrapes away dead skin cells and hair to remove anything that may clog pores and to, again, open the pores to expose the acne forming p bacteria to oxygen. This treatment is also better suited for maintenance.

Learn More About Dermaplaning

Treatments for Reducing Acne Scarring

Sublative Laser

Uses radio frequency (electrical energy), instead of laser (light energy) to rejuvenate deep layers of the skin and heal scarring, close large pores and improve skin texture and coloration.

Learn More About Sublative Laser

Vampire Facial

Uses a combination of microneedling and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to deliver growth factors to deep layers of the skin, triggering a rejuvenating effect that heals the skin of scarring, restores smooth texture, and reduces discoloration.

Learn More About Vampire Facials


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