Simple. Beauty.

Natural beauty looks effortless and simple, but achieving this look can feel overwhelming. With endless options to lift, firm, smooth, and enhance your features, how do you choose the right treatments? At Elamar medspa in Decatur, AL, we make it easy with a simple yet comprehensive approach to aesthetic enhancement. We call it: Simple. Beauty. Through this plan, we can maximize your results using the right combination of treatments targeted to your beauty goals.

Simple. Beauty. begins with a personal meeting. Request a consultation online today to discuss your medi-spa skincare options in Decatur, AL, or call (256) 686-9111 to schedule an appointment. Our medspa sees clients from Huntsville, AL, and surrounding communities.

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Our Approach

We believe Simple. Beauty. should be available to everyone. That's why we incorporate this philosophy into your personal consultation. You'll receive customized, practical, and budget-sensitive aesthetic recommendations to achieve your beauty goals. Our plans are designed for success, developed for proven results, and tailored for life.

Beauty: Step by Step

Simple. Beauty. includes 3 essential components. They are: Shape, Skin, and Makeup.


Beauty standards may change throughout the years, but facial shape and symmetry are the elements of timeless appeal. The most desirable face shape resembles the letter "V": high cheekbones that gently taper to the chin. This is also known as a heart-shaped face. Unfortunately, time, age, and gravity often reverse the "V" shape to an "A" shape as the cheeks lose youthful volume.

Non-surgical procedures such as BOTOX® Cosmetic, dermal fillers, and skin tightening can restore younger-looking facial contours almost instantly with very little discomfort.


Healthy skin is the second essential component of beauty. The right treatments can take years off your appearance by making your skin soft, clear, and evenly toned. Our skincare experts design a program that includes solutions to address each of these factors, while also targeting more advanced aesthetic concerns, such as wrinkles and loss of firmness.

With customized products and treatments designed to address each element of youthful skin, you can successfully achieve and maintain a young, refreshed look.


At Elamar, cosmetics are more than cover-up. We prescribe only products with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients to cover, correct, and protect your results. Our products contain natural mineral pigments and are color matched for your unique skin tone. They deliver flawless coverage, broad-spectrum UV protection, and powerful antioxidants. These advanced formulas are suitable for even the most sensitive skin types and won’t clog pores.

See Your Results in 3D

Receive a complimentary skin analysis with the VECTRA® 3D imaging system during your skincare consultation. Learn More.

Dr. Gill's
Beauty Philosophy

Aesthetic beauty is a continuous work of art. It's achieved not by isolating one specific concern, but by looking at the many elements of facial harmony that must come together. That's what Simple. Beauty. is about — creating comprehensive, customized solutions to achieve the best results.

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Results From Elamar's Beauty Focus Group

100% of women said they are overwhelmed by the amount of different beauty treatments currently available.

100% of women said a customized beauty plan would benefit their daily lives.

70% of women admitted to feeling discouraged about their ability to enhance their looks.

75% of women agreed that a monthly payment program over the duration of their treatment period would be a great benefit.