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How Dermal Fillers Work

Dermal fillers are one of the most popular and effective solutions for aging skin problems. As we age, our face loses its natural fat pads and a substance in the skin known as hyaluronic acid (HA). This loss of “volume” changes the shape of the face and allows the skin to sag. With less underlying support, the lines and folds…

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Botox for Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating, known as hyperhidrosis, is a common condition that afflicts about 3 percent of the population and can start at any age. Caused by overactive sweat glands, it is most problematic in the underarms and palms although other areas are sometimes involved. People with this unbearably sweaty condition can be be plagued by wet clothes, skin infections, a soggy…

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How Botox Works

With movement of the facial muscles, we get “dynamic wrinkles” of the skin. Over time, as our skin loses elasticity, repetitive facial movement produces frown lines and furrows. These can turn into deep creases and unwanted signs of aging. Think of Botox as a “neuromodulator”…or just a wrinkle eraser. Movement happens when our brain sends a nerve impulse to a…

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